Did you know that the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually? According to Greenpeace, more than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States, and the amount has doubled over the last 20 years.

The eco-conscious mission behind Canadian shop Throne + Thimble resonates with me. Throne + Thimble, launched in spring 2015 by Shay Bulich, focuses primarily on upcycled materials. “I feel that as a society, we produce so much, and such a huge amount of it ends up as trash. I prefer to break that cycle, and divert perfectly good materials from landfills,” Bulich explained. “I also enjoy the creative challenge. Taking a perfectly plush robe, cutting it all up and putting it back together is so much more fun than just working with factory made yardage!”

Throne + Thimble

Although Bulich began her creative journey by crafting on YouTube and selling handmade banners and garlands through Etsy, Throne + Thimble has recently focused on plushes and lovies for children. And, significantly, using sustainable and preloved materials remains a core value for all of Bulich’s designs. Nearly 100 percent of textiles and clothing are recyclable and Throne + Thimble products are made from blankets, throws, bathrobes and related materials, which Bulich combines to create “the most comforting tactile snuggle experience.” Throne + Thimble also promotes good environmental practices and reduces waste by shipping orders in recyclable materials. 

The Throne + Thimble plushes feature hand-embroidered heart-shaped faces and are available in three delicious sizes – dollop, pie and bonbon. Even Bullich’s color selections, like toasted marshmallow and strawberries and cream, sound tasty. “I started off with more abstract designs,” said Bulich. “I love more open-ended toys, so preferred to keep my designs simple.” Another popular Throne + Thimble design includes the “Avocuddle,” a dollop-size plush made of two shades of green and a fuzzy brown for the pit and a sweet sleepy face.

Bulich finds inspiration everywhere and considers herself “fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing and supportive community.” Her favorite part of the design process is “hand embroidering the face and adding little blushing on the cheeks. That is when they come to life for me. That is the moment that makes me go ‘awww! So cute!’”

What is next for Throne + Thimble? Bunnies! “My new bunnies are my current favorite. They are so floppy and squishable!” Take care of the planet and grab one to fill your Easter basket this spring by joining the Throne + Thimble VIP group or through Bulich’s Etsy site here.