Amber Kincaid of Buddy Dude Threads still views herself as the new kid on the small shop block. “At this stage, with Buddy Dude being so new and me still figuring out multiple aspects of owning a small shop and selling to customers online, I’m always telling myself ‘kiss,’ keep it simple, stupid,” she shared. Kincaid launched Buddy Dude Threads in late 2018, but initially had no intention of starting a shop. “Having a small shop, even a very, very small shop, is a big time commitment,” Kincaid revealed. “Juggling two toddlers, one of whom is severely cognitively delayed and autistic, autism therapy, and sewing is definitely an interesting full time job.”

Buddy Dude Threads

The name Buddy Dude originates from a nickname for Kincaid’s oldest son Jacob. “It’s not particularly catchy, definitely not hip and trendy sounding, but it is something personal to me and seemed to be the best fit for what I wanted to do.” Beyond the name, Kincaid’s two boys also inspired her to open her own shop. “I started sewing for my children first,” she said. “My boys aren’t providing any feedback yet, although they will look at a particular cartoon print like Lightning McQueen and get a huge smile across their face. I know they approve.”

Unquestionably, Buddy Dude Threads has one of the fastest turnaround times for custom apparel, likely because Kincaid sticks to what she does best – children’s shorts and joggers. “The four bottom styles that I make are all gender neutral. What determines if they are boy or girl bottoms is just the fabric print chosen.” Speaking of fabric prints, Kincaid offers many options because she loves the different designs (“I had no idea there was a whole ‘fabric world’ on Facebook.”). I asked Kincaid to name a favorite. “Right now, I’m really excited to be making all the Dr. Seuss items. Those four prints are my first purchase from that particular vendor and I’m very impressed with the quality of the fabric and how bright the colors are,” she explained.

Dr. Seuss

While Buddy Dude Threads may still be in infancy – not unlike many of the shop’s customers  – Kincaid’s sewing skills date back to her childhood. “My favorite part about sewing is the creativity aspect. I’ve always been crafty growing up and I still am,” she said. Whether it’s do-it-yourself home improvement projects or arts and crafts, I love it!” If she wasn’t sewing for Buddy Dude Threads, Kincaid would consider a career in house flipping. “Again, it’s another crafty type job. I love renovating and updating my own home. Whether it’s white washing the old red brick fireplace in our home, painting my kitchen cupboards myself, or updating all the light fixtures inside and out, I love all kinds of hands-on work.”

Buddy Dude Threads continues to grow and has earned a well-deserved reputation for quality. “I absolutely love the photos that moms post of their littles wearing Buddy Dude Threads,” Kincaid exclaimed. “I’m always relieved that they are happy with the item they received and their children are excited to wear it.”

Want in on the growing excitement? Spend some time going through the expansive fabric selections in the Buddy Dude Threads VIP Facebook group here.