Brooklynn & Grey strikes a difficult small shop balance between ruffles and ruggedwear for littles of both genders. Although shop owner Tiffany Chesley initially focused on bows and handmade baby crowns back in 2013 (under the name “Brooklyn’s Finest”), she expanded her handmade offerings after the birth of her son, Greyson. “When I transitioned to Brooklynn & Grey, I had my 3 year old daughter who was my muse and my little boy Greyson,” Chesley explained. “They are the reason behind every minute I spend creating, so it was only fitting to name my shop after them. Also, the name is representative of both girls and boys clothing that I make.”

Brooklynn & Grey

These days, Florida-based (like me!) Brooklynn & Grey specializes in colorful peplum tops, tunics, twirl skirts, leotards and leggings, as well as graphic t-shirts, raglans, beanies, hoodies and cardigans for tots with sophisticated tastes. “I love seeing a fabric I just know will look amazing and then pairing it to the perfect pattern,” Chesley gushed. “I have dropped what I was doing before and ran and cut and sewn something and it has become a best seller my next launch. Ideas come to me at the craziest moments but I think that is also what keeps me constantly evolving and making new things!” There is something for everyone, including moms who want to match their kiddos. “I find that the funniest part of my shop journey is I never stick to one style. Rather, I find more enjoyment consistently changing things, modifying a favorite piece I currently offer, or constantly creating new ideas,” said Chesley. “My goal always is to set a trend I haven’t seen before and always raise the bar on my prior launches.” One of the most popular styles is Brooklynn & Grey’s signature lace bow back leos. “They’re a timeless piece I see every little girl making memories in.”

Brooklynn & Grey’s signature lace bow back leos

Although the Brooklynn & Grey brand has attracted a large following over the last six years, Chesley still maintains the small shop charm. “I’m able to tell you names and stories about my customers. My goal has always been to connect with them on a level that always kept me relatable and human,” she shared. “That they know the face behind the brand and that they never feel like a dollar sign but always a friend. Our VIP group is made up of over 13,000 people. I strive daily to chat, laugh, share and engage with them and to continue to make them feel like they are important because truly people are my passion.” The shop has grown so much that Chesley has hired over thirteen employees to help out. “This little shop that I started has become a job creator for others. They get to work from home and yet still provide to help their household. It’s an amazing feeling and definitely keeps me driven as I never want to let them down.”

As to the future, Brooklynn & Grey will continue to set trends. “I truly believe every small shop has its own personality because the person behind it is just as unique as their ideas,” said Chesley. “We are constantly releasing new limited edition items and pieces that keep everyone on their toes and excited to see what’s next.” If you want to catch the next drop, join the Brooklynn & Grey VIP Facebook group here and check out current offerings on the Brooklynn & Grey website or Chesley’s Etsy site.