Hip Mingo has evolved from sewing pants to fit over cloth diapers to the trendy boutique it is today. “We opened in the fall of 2015,” shop owner Dev Rains shared. “My daughter was born in the summer. She was a very chubby baby and she was cloth diapered, so I had a hard time finding pants that fit. I found the pattern for our harem pants and we started making pants for her…and it just took off from there.” The original cloth diaper covers were crafted from upcycled t-shirts, but “now we have a few different styles of pants, tops, beanies, rompers and headbands and we do not upcycle anymore,” said Rains.

Hip Mingo

Kids don’t sit still and Hip Mingo recognizes that. Based in Michigan, the shop specializes in fashionable kids apparel that is still comfortable enough for play. The fabric selections include vibrant colored prints and monochrome designs.  Rains and her aunt Sandy Eriksen collaborate to run Hip Mingo (short for “flamingo,” like the pink bird shown in the shop’s logo design). “We bounce ideas off of each other and come up with most of our ideas that way. I also read a lot of articles and blogs about the ‘hot’ colors or patterns of the season.” Rains personally prefers the classic fabric designs like stripes and stars and the occasional floral. “Currently, our thermal camo and galaxy prints are very popular. Mickey Mouse is always popular and our distressed pants are great sellers,” Rains professed. “Our solids also are very popular with customers. We sell our harem style pants and bell bottoms the most I think. Hoodies and beanies always sell out in the fall.” The bell-bottom joggers are particularly adorable for little girls. Hip Mingo also offers sweet newborn and preemie leggings sets with a top knot beanie or turban-style headband for babes exiting the hospital.

Thermal camo cuteness

For Rains, Hip Mingo allows her to create apparel beyond all of the “cookie cutter” kids clothes. “More options for girls than pink and ruffles, more options for boys than blue and trucks and sports. I also love that it allows me to stay home with my babies,” she explained.

Don’t miss the next Hip Mingo drop. “Right now, we are working on our spring and summer line. In addition to our usual shorties and harem shorts, we will be releasing hooded tanks and cropped leggings.” Sounds perfect for warm weather! Current shop offerings are available on the Hip Mingo website and you can post photos of your kiddos rocking Hip Mingo creations in Rains’ VIP Facebook group here. Plus, Rains has generously offered readers a 20% discount with the code “SMALLSHOPDROP.” Happy small shopping!