Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The craftsmanship behind Native Fable’s animal-inspired handmade bonnets is exceptional. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, shop owner Ashley Lewis launched Native Fable in fall 2015 after the birth of her second baby. Armed with a degree in fine arts, a $50 sewing machine purchased secondhand from a Craigslist seller and an arsenal of YouTube tutorial videos, Lewis taught herself to sew. “The hope was that I could sell handmade items and stay home with my two children rather than go back to work and put them in the hands of daycare,” Lewis explained. She started by selling baby items, like “bonnets, little shoes, maybe a dress here and there, but once I found my signature item we stopped everything else and went for it!” The shop was initially named “Hide & Cotton,” a reference to the leather and cloth materials Lewis used to create her wares. “But once we became known for our furry bonnets, I wanted something that would encapsulate the imaginative quality of our style,” she shared. “Native meaning ‘inborn’ and ‘fable’ referring to a tale. So, telling your inner story.”

Native Fable

The whimsical bonnets are created from lush, high quality faux fur and come in an array of colors for both boys and girls. Previous designs include polar bears, wolves, brown bears, unicorns, rabbits, fawn, cats, lambs, skunks, elephants, cows, reindeer and panda bears, among others, as well as trapper hats in various plaid colors and solid flannel materials. Sizes start at 12/24 months and run through youth size. Lewis’ personal favorites are the lion and fox designs. “Hands down, we can’t make these fast enough,” she said. Based on demand, the Native Fable brand has now expanded to include a team of local women. Even Lewis’ kids will offer an editorial assist. “Any time I have a unicorn in my work space, my daughter is trying it on, and my son is happy to do a test run with a wolf. I often ask them what animal the piece ‘looks’ like and 9 times out of 10, they know exactly what I was going for.”

Lewis loves the customer reaction to the bonnets. “The most satisfying part is seeing happy customers that tag us on social media. Oh, and happy emails too! There’s nothing cuter than a baby with animal ears on!” Completely agree, Ashley.

Lilac & Lace and Baby Blue Bunnies

Join the veritable zoo and check out images of all of the Native Fable bonnets in Lewis’ VIP Facebook group here and on her Native Fable website. Don’t miss out on the Native Fable bunny release today at 2pm EST just in time for Easter!