Boy (noun): a noise with dirt and grass stains on it.

“Like others in this community, I spent the first year of my baby’s life collecting high-end clothing for him. But when it came to dressing him in those expensive clothes, I cringed at every drop of dirt that touched them,” recalled Runnamuck Threads owner Angelina DeAmaral. “I kept telling my husband, ‘I need some clothes that he could run amuck in and not worry about getting dirty!’ And boom, Runnamuck was born.  This is what I built my shop upon – providing cute and affordable clothing for littles that just want to play in the dirt.” Perfect for little boys!

Runnamuck Threads

Launched in October 2017, Runnamuck Threads features joggers, shorts, shirts, tank tops and hoodies that are as stylish as they are comfy and durable. The shop has become known for its originality. DeAmaral’s Halloween-themed winged bat hoodies and Christmastime holiday pocket joggers sold out in minutes last year. “I created my own jogger and short patterns, so you won’t find these exact styles anywhere else,” she explained. DeAmaral also offers a large variety of different fabric print selections, including her favorite galaxy, dinosaur and Mickey Mouse designs. “I have so many favorites, I can’t even pick just one.”

Bat Hoodie

With an ambitious five to seven day turnaround time for custom apparel, Runnamuck Threads stands out in the small shop market. One of the shop’s hallmarks is its distinctive “Halfsies” style of shorts. “I love that they are so versatile and great for spring, summer and fall. Halfsies are fully adjustable, so they can be worn lower on the legs for more coverage as well as pulled up higher on the thighs for a shorter fit,” said DeAmaral. “They are a great gender neutral fit that allows for more of the print to be shown.” The Halfsies shorts are so popular that a customer once asked DeAmaral to create a matching pair for her dog! “I was almost crazy enough to attempt it,” she laughed.

For DeAmaral, sewing and creating for Runnamuck Threads is personally fulfilling. “It brings me so much joy seeing all these kiddos Runnamuckin! The friendships I have created with my clients are my favorite though,” DeAmaral shared. Through the shop, DeAmaral struck up a friendship with her now-shop administrator Lindsay Eatman, who echoed this sentiment. “My favorite thing about Runnamuck is you can feel the heart and soul Angelina puts into the shop. She knows the kids by name that she creates the clothes for and I think it is awesome that my two boys put on clothes and know Angelina made these.” Eatman has become the Runnamuck resource for all things related to fit, customizing apparel and assembling complete outfits. “I have always loved style and for me, it’s a lot of fun to put an outfit together in my mind and then see it come to life,” said Eatman.

Eatman’s boys in Halfsies

Join the Runnamuck Threads community in the shop’s VIP Facebook group here. Say hello to Angelina and Lindsay and mention “smallshopdrop” to get free shipping on your next order!