Denim jeans are a staple in any wardrobe and distressed denim with different embellishments has been a growing trend over the past few years. Finding mini-sized versions of similar jeans for your kiddos, however, can be more challenging. It should be no surprise then that small shop Torn and Trendy capitalized on this denim dilemma.

Torn and Trendy

Torn and Trendy offers embellished and paint-splattered jeans, shorts, overalls, jeggings and denim jackets. They may look random, but those rips in the denim are anything but. Hand distressing is an intricate process, requiring shop owner Kim Porter to design, rip, fray and finish each item, which can take several hours. The result is an effortless, stylish look that works for all seasons. Porter also hand-dyes socks and sneakers (for both tots and mamas). “I find myself more at ease when I’m working on shoes. I have always had a thing for shoes,” Porter laughed. Porter also has a love for all things rainbow. “Our most popular items are all the rainbow, from the tie-dyed shorts to the spray-painted jeans, and of course, the rainbow converse sneakers!”

Porter gets to work when the jean-ius inspiration strikes. “I am really an ‘in the moment’ designer,” she shared. “Sometimes, I think of things and jot them down but most of the time it’s within five minutes of me coming up with an idea before I get to work on them.” She started distressing jeans for her daughter and some friends about two and a half years ago. “It slowly got busier and I decided this was something I really enjoyed doing and wanted see where I could take this little shop.” The shop has given her the opportunity to run her own business and spend more time with her daughter. “I love being able to make products that make people happy,” said Porter. “When I get stories and pictures from customers telling me how their kids won’t take off their Torn and Trendy apparel or how they screamed when they saw their new jeans, that is honestly the best part, knowing that my work is putting a smile on someone’s face.” Customers have responded well, in part because Porter is “very honest with customers” and “really tries to go above and beyond to meet their request.”

Green Distressed Denim

I recently ordered a pair of green-dyed denim shorts for my own little guy, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Check out Porter’s creations on Torn and Trendy’s Etsy shop here and join the VIP Facebook group for advance notice on upcoming drops.