The trendy tots on the Rockin Llama Co. website look like they stepped off the set of 90’s cult classic films like Reality Bites or Empire Records. “Rockin Llama style, for me, is modern with a nostalgic twist. I love incorporating current styles with glimmers of the past seeping through. Very much inspired by 90’s grunge,” shop owner Kristina Kenner shared. The result is all that and a bag of chips. (Remember when people used to say that?)

Rockin’ Llama Company

The punk rock and heavy metal influence is strong with Rockin Llama Co., which offers parents an alternative to traditional kids apparel. “I started Rockin Llama Co. in 2016 after spending 10 years in the childcare industry,” explained Kenner. “At first, I was making napmats and other custom bedding, art and stuffed animals, but soon I found myself absorbed in creating clothing items for my son. The market is seriously lacking cool clothes for boys and I was sick and tired of footballs and puppies being my only options.  My friends and family convinced me to start a shop.”

When she first launched, Kenner “was committed to keeping everything unisex. Now I usually make a boy and girl version of each item.” Rockin Llama Co. has since become known for its pint-size modern-grunge fashions. “My life and interests have always revolved around music. Music is my sun,” exclaimed Kenner. “The feelings and memories a single verse can spark is magical.” The small shop is filled with handcrafted plaid skirted bummies and shorties (ala Cher in Clueless!), faux leather and metallic gold harem pants, crushed velvet pencil skirts, monochrome rompers, customizable bowler hats, and retro-inspired t-shirts. “I often design items based on my mood, which varies from dark and grungy to bright and quirky, Kenner said. “I am always striving to find something new that has edge, incorporates music or takes me back to the 90’s and 00’s. It may be skulls, stripes, cassette tapes or anything monochrome.” Shoppers love the Rockin Llama Co. suspender harems and derby skirts (a/k/a skirted bummies). “But my best seller is my ‘Grunge Gods’ (featuring rockers Cobain, Vedder, Corgan Grohl and others) and my ‘I’m This Many’ t-shirts.”

Grunge Gods

Rockin Llama Co. is a natural fit for Kenner, who described her own personal style as “a little quirky mixed with some rock and roll and sprinkled with a touch of boho.” The edgy shop allows Kenner to express herself through clothing. “Fashion has always meant a great deal to me.” She finds motivation in “bringing uniqueness to children’s clothing. I squeal inside when I see a child in something that I’ve made and the parent is proud to put them in Rockin Llama Co. because it is as special to them as their child is.”

Rockin’ Llama Company

All of the current Rockin Llama Co. offerings are available on the shop’s website here and Kenner’s Etsy shop. Join the Rockin Llama Co. VIP Facebook group for more information on the next rockin’ drop!