“If you see me checking you out in public, I’m probably trying to figure out if I could recreate what you’re wearing,” Megan Wright joked. Wright owns small shop Salt & Rain, which specializes in colorful children’s apparel. “I find inspiration for my designs everywhere! On social media, I follow women’s boutiques, pattern makers, fabric shops, and style bloggers who inspire me. I’m not so concerned with what anyone else is doing and it took me a while to get in to that headspace – but when I did, I was able to better connect with my vision for my shop. And thankfully, my customers dig it.”

Salt & Rain

And there is so much to dig. Salt & Rain’s signature Rainbow Collection is divine. “The design started as an accident, but that can be the best sometimes. My son wanted me to make him a romper and was really bummed that he could only pick two colors (body and cuffs), so I thought about it for a minute and asked if he would like a rainbow romper,” Wright shared. “This boy loves rainbows so he was literally so excited. I knew I had to deliver, and from that exchange, our Rainbow Romper was born. With a few tweaks, I expanded it to include t-shirt dresses and pullovers too.” Wright described Salt & Rain style as “retro, boho, and vibrant,” similar to her own minimalist style. “I want the kids wearing their Salt & Rain apparel to love it too. My kids would never choose to wear anything drab, so you won’t see any of that in my lines. It’s always comfortable, made for play, and machine washable too. Because kids!,” she laughed. Her current favorite style is the bell-bottom jumpers. “I can’t get enough of those little things.”

Rainbow Collection

Wright launched Salt & Rain in 2015 under the name “Lucky Mama Designs,” through which she handcrafted bandana bibs and headbands. “In 2016, I became a single mom to my then-eight month old and 2.5 year old and had to decide if I was going to make it an income or quit it all together. There’s no time for hobby businesses when you’re in that spot,” Wright explained. “I decided to give it a real go, which at that point in my life, was a monumental leap for me. I wasn’t used to believing in myself like I do now. In 2018, I felt ready for a fresh start and rebranded as Salt & Rain.” The shop has since evolved from “a handful of bib orders a month to a full-blown clothing line that supports a family,” she said. Wright is so grateful for that support. “I try to find the words after each drop, but I just hope everyone knows that I mean it. Every like, comment, share, purchase, compliment…it means the world to me.”

Salt & Rain

Don’t miss the next Salt & Rain drop! Sunshine Stripes and Daisy Bells restock this Friday, March 15. Join the shop’s VIP Facebook group for details and check out the Rainbow Collection and all of Wright’s other handmade offerings on the Salt & Rain website here.