Me & Reekie is a family affair. “Me & Reekie roots started way back in the 80’s when our mom made and sold children’s clothing in Santa Barbara, California,” explained small shop owner Carine Cortez. “We grew up helping our mom Maria with the production process as soon as were old enough to hold a pair of scissors! In 2014, after my sister Rica had my nephew Sonny, we teamed up with our mom to make Me & Reekie into what it is today.” The shop name is a reference to Cortez’s sister Rica and “‘Me’ stands for everyone else in our family.”

Me & Reekie

True to their origins, the Me & Reekie trio handcraft handmade tops, pants, shorts and hoodies for kiddos. Each item is created from Me & Reekie designed patterns, exclusive fabric prints and then sewn by Cortez and her mother. I particularly like the shop’s birthday print collection, featuring t-shirts, shorts and pants for babes celebrating their birthdays up to age four. In fact, my own little guy wore the Me & Reekie Two “2” birthday harem shorts in January. “We specialize in birthday and holiday prints and our customers know when they need a fun and unique outfit for any occasion, we’ve got them covered,” shared Cortez. “Our clothing is captured in so many moments of joy in their lives and it is one of the best feelings ever.” The shop’s newest mom and dad heart tattoo prints are so perfect for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Another fan favorite is the Me & Reekie harem pants. “They are soft and stretchy drop crotch pants that are perfect for growing babes who love to play,” Cortez said. “We created the pattern from scratch and have spent the past four years tweaking it to perfection.” Cortez described the Me & Reekie style as “easy and comfortable,” like her own personal style, with “a little more fun and loud with pops of prints.” “Being a work from home mom, I like to call my style ‘whatever is clean,’” she joked.

Me & Reekie

Cortez is proud of what her family has developed with Me & Reekie and with good reason. “We built this from the ground up all on our own and we are able to make a living doing what we love!” she exclaimed. Customers tend to gravitate towards Me & Reekie for “the quality of our designs and construction, our attentiveness to our customers, and most definitely, our custom prints.”

Join the Me & Reekie family through Cortez’s VIP Facebook group here and check out the shop’s latest prints on the Me & Reekie website. Plus, use the code “WYATT” to save during the next drop!