“Excitement was plentiful during my two years’ service as a Pony Express rider” – Buffalo Bill

In the era before electronic communication and transcontinental telegraphs, the Pony Express was the thread that tied east to west during the mid-nineteenth century. The short-lived mail service became synonymous with the “Old West” and was hailed for its efficiency and adventurous spirit. That same adventurous spirit can be found in the plushes handcrafted by small shop Colorado Pony Express. “The Pony Express, in its heyday, was the connection of the East Coast to the West and I try my best to promote my products and bring love across the globe,” said owner Stefanie Hokashou, explaining the origins of the shop name. Based in Colorado, Hokashou launched the Colorado Pony Express in spring 2018. “I always wanted to be a painter, but never had the patience. With fabric, the cutting and gathering, the way it shapes, it inspires me to try new things.”

Colorado Pony Express

The Colorado Pony Express mixes different fabrics and materials to create stuffed animals inspired by familiar characters, like the Grinch, Pikachu and Hokashou’s favorite, Mushu dragon. “He turned out perfectly. My Gringotts dragon was also a close second favorite.” Hokashou designed her own patterns and subsequently sought patent protection for certain unique designs, including the shop’s “Chubby Plushies,” its large unicorns, and several Harry Potter-themed creations. “More people should take the steps to protect themselves,” she encouraged. Hokashou also creates custom designs based on customer requests. “I love when I get clients with weird custom ideas. It makes for a fun creative vibe,” she shared. “I also work in every fabric medium. I like the differences, the textures and the challenges they all provide.

Mushu dragon

Like a Pony Express rider, Hokashou has found a way to spread joy globally through the Colorado Pony Express. “I love knowing that I can fill a need, a void, a dream. I love hearing that the love and imagination I shared with the plushie is now getting a chance to pass that along to another person.”

The Grinch

Hokashou is planning a large scale ready-to-ship sale on April 13, “which will include more dragons, and Labyrinth characters, getting back to my super nerdy roots and hopefully inspire the open market by bringing childhood characters to life.” Drop details will be available in the Colorado Pony Express VIP Group here.