Did you know weather plays an important factor in creating bath bombs? Nope, me either. “Humidity greatly affects the outcome of the bath bomb,” explained Kimberly Fischer, the mama bear behind Mama Bear Bath Co. “The whole process for all bath bombs takes between three and seven days before they can be bagged and sealed.”

Mama Bear Bath Co.

Mama Bear Bath Co. produces high-quality, colorful bath bombs, scented soaps and moisturizing bath scrubs, bubble scoops, and home wax melts. Fischer’s favorite is the shop’s stress relief scent. “Who couldn’t use more of that in their life, right?” she joked. “It is eucalyptus and spearmint and it is perfect for anytime. It is so clean and fresh so that scent is throughout my entire shop in all the variations of products.” My boys love the kid-friendly line of bath bombs, which include surprise trinkets inside. Fischer spends hours online weekly looking for fun, appropriate-sized toys to include in her products. “My son is a lot of inspiration because he is always getting into new things and saying, ‘mommy, you should make this into a bath bomb,’” she shared. “The Minecraft bath bomb was actually his idea. My customers also give me feedback on what they want too and those are ideas I always heavily consider.”

Bubble Scoops

The shop name refers to Fischer’s prior pre-maker career. “I was working as an assistant manager at a local health establishment. I was very protective over all of the younger kids there and my co-manager said that I was the ‘mama bear’ of the store. When I would get protective, my coworkers would always tell me, ‘calm down mama bear.’” She officially launched Mama Bear Bath Co. in December 2016, but started first by creating bath bombs for her own son. “I had bought him a bath bomb from Lush that he loved, but I couldn’t afford to keep buying them for him. I started with some basic ingredients and made very simple bath bombs for him, not eye appealing whatsoever,” Fischer recalled. “After I got better at them, I decided to open up a shop and sell ones so I could buy more ingredients.” Although her son loved them, Fischer views those early bath bombs as, well, bombs. “Looking back now, those bath bombs were so bad, but I learned so much from making them.”

Look at those colors!

Fischer walked me through the soapy manufacturing process. “Creating bath bombs depends on the specific bomb and the detail they entail. All the bases are the same with the exception of scent and color. The base takes about 20 minutes to make from start to finish,” she said. “Forming the bath bombs, using various pans, presses and molds takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Some have details, such as color or glitters drizzled into the pan for aesthetic purposes. The frosted bath bombs take by far the longest, as they have to dry before frosting and then the frosting has to dry. A usual drop of bombs takes me about a week and a half to finish.” As an entrepreneur, Fischer loves the freedom to get creative and try new scents, colors and recipes. “No batch of my bath bombs is the same, although they will resemble each other and the colors inside are always a surprise! It really just gives me a creative outlet and makes me excited to work,” she said.

Bath Bombs

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