“My children are magical creatures and I love them to death.” – Jack Black

“My kids and my love for all things folklore and mythical inspire my design choices,” said Jessica Johnson, chief monster designer and creator behind Button Jar Monsters.  “I have always been drawn to stories of dragons, unicorns, Nessie and monsters. Having little ones who still have that wonder towards magic really helps keep the creative juices flowing.” Button Jar Monsters is a small shop favorite. Fans of the brand love the handmade plush sasquatches, yetis, woollys, and animals – real, prehistoric and magical. “I work really, really hard to create art that you can snuggle and love,” Johnson professed. “My biggest goal is to create monsters and animals that can help fuel and trigger the imaginations of littles.”

Button Jar Monsters

Johnson started sewing monsters in 2017, after first attempting to make ragdolls. “My kiddos wanted to make something with me, and after a few sketches were made, we created our first monsters together from what minky I had on hand,” Johnson recalled. “After that, I felt like I needed to make more, and haven’t stopped since.” The shop name is derived from Johnson’s initial small shop venture. “Before I was sewing monsters, I was sculpting gothic art dolls as ‘The Dusty Button Jar,’” she explained. “I knew I wanted to keep ‘Button Jar’ in the new shop name because I tend to make a wide variety of creations, and I have always loved old button jars filled with random and unique buttons. I was lucky that I was able to branch off my old business name into this one.”

Wooly monster love

I think luck has little to do with Johnson’s success. The Button Jar Monsters drops sell out immediately. Her recent unicorn, Pegasus and amazing flying piglet designs left small shoppers begging for more. “I tend to release new things often. I have a lot of ideas that demand to be made, so usually every shop drop has one or two totally new things.” One of her favorite styles is the “Wooly Monster,” constructed from soft shaggy materials and a hand-embroidered face. “I have a love/hate relationship with shaggy and llama fur,” Johnson laughed. “I love how fluffy that fabric is with my creations but it can be so messy – I obviously don’t mind too much.” Through the design process, Johnson enjoys seeing her monsters comes to life. “It is always a good day when a sketch or a thought actually turns out the way I had planned! I also love getting to see my monsters being loved in their new homes.”

Sunny and the Flying Piglet

What magic will Button Jar Monsters create next? “Honestly, who knows! I do have a few things in mind, but there is always a wild card not even I am aware of until the second it is ready to be made,” Johnson said. Join the VIP Facebook group here to get sneak peaks for the next drop and check out the prior collections on the Button Jar Monsters website.