My Little Wildflower has proudly created an inviting online community of small shoppers. “We have six brand reps that are my best friends, local moms spreading the word about us, and everyone who is participating in our VIP group,” gushed owner Caci Fuller. “We appreciate all the love and support so much!”

Fuller, her mother Patti and daughter Kyli

Fuller and her mother Patti started the eclectic My Little Wildflower shop in May 2018. “My mom has always had this amazing talent of sewing. She used to design and sew the most stunning horse show outfits, but once my daughter came along, the gears switched to the cutest little outfits and accessories for girls,” Fuller shared. “My mom makes most of the items while I do the bows and felt toys, as well as the photography and marketing side of things. It has really always been a dream of ours to make it into a business and I am blessed that we were finally able to do so.” The shop name is also a family reference. “My Little Wildflower has a couple meanings. The saying ‘she is a Wildflower in a field of roses’ rings true for our family. Stand out, and be proud of being unique,” she said. “We wanted to use an orange poppy flower in our logo design. It was my dad’s favorite flower because it influenced the color of his favorite tractor. He unexpectedly passed away in 2014, so it meant a lot to us to have his touch on our business adventure.” Even Fuller’s three year old daughter Kyli serves as inspiration for many of the shop’s design choices. “I will see something I have to have for her and my mom will help me put it all together.”

My Little Wildflower rompers and dresses

My Little Wildflower focuses on both apparel and accessories for littles, like hair bows and handmade toys. “I think what makes us different is the experience behind the product,” Fuller explained. “My mom is very particular about how things look and how they are finished. She puts the same love and hard work in a $30 dress that she did making a $1,000+ horse show outfit. And before any item is released, you better believe I show it to at least 10 people for their thoughts and opinions, as well as testing it on or with my child.” I love the little handmade touches on the My Little Wildflower doll sets, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the plush dinosaurs. “The most popular accessory would definitely be our dinosaur plushies. There was a rush for them for Easter baskets, but they would also make for a perfect gift anytime,” said Fuller. “My favorite item is our romper design. Who can resist a ruffle bum romper?” The mother-daughter duo has new releases in the works this Spring. “What’s coming next is crazy exciting! We are really hoping to do some venturing into boys items as well as doll clothing – can we say matching outfits?! I am also working on felt campfire and garden sets right now.”

Dinosaur plushes

All of the boutique’s handmade offerings are available in the My Little Wildflower VIP Facebook group here. Plus, use the code “SSD10” to save on your next purchase. Thanks Caci!