Slone Steidle has her hands full with tumblers. Her six year old daughter Luci is enrolled in tumbling classes after school and Steidle is a busy cheer coach. But, she also fills her days customizing drink tumblers, sippy cups, mugs and water bottles through her vinyl shop, Willow and Stone. “We are super busy! I am a soccer coach and I volunteer a lot at Luci’s school and on the PTA,” Steidle exclaimed. “Being involved in a lot of activities feeds into my creative flow. My customers definitely inspire me too. They ask if I can make a specific design and I blow up with thoughts and ideas. It’s never ending and I love it.”

Willow and Stone

Based in Ohio, Steidle launched Willow and Stone about a year ago. “I started out small crafting cups in December of 2016 and that slowly turned into Willow and Stone,” she recalled. “Crafting is my therapy. I have always been a crafty person. Whether it is with Willow and Stone items, clothing, home décor, all of it. I would like to think I have an eye for design.” When she focused her skills on the small shop’s customized drinkware, Steidle selected the name Willow and Stone, a combination of her children’s middle names. “The whole reason behind this business is my family. My children – Luci Willow and Brady Stone (fifteen months old) – are the most important people to me in the world. There is nothing else I would want my business to be named after other than my greatest blessings,” she shared. “Their names together gave me everything I wanted for a business name: delicate and strong, a powerful combination.”

Willow and Stone

Virtually every item Willow and Stone sells is custom-made. “I don’t have a set list of designs to pick from, but I have a wide variety of tumblers to chose from, all different styles,” said Steidle. “I do make a few designs to get some ideas flowing, but they can all be personalized for each customer.” Steidle also plays well with other small shops. “I collaborate with a lot with other businesses and make tumblers with their logos. It helps spread the love for all shops involved,” she explained. “Business logos are some of my favorite tumbler designs, making them bright and glittery and super fun. I have lots of different techniques that I use to get that sought-after look.” I asked Steidle to name some of the shop’s other popular designs and she pointed to her Disney-inspired tumblers. “I am a huge Disney fan! (Fun fact: my husband proposed to me in front of the castle).”

Willow and Stone

Other than crafting and coaching, Steidle can add juggling (everything) to her list of special skills. “I am always super proud of each piece I make. Sure, it can be challenging at times when I feel like I am in over my head and feel overwhelmed, but when it is all done and the customer loves it, I know it was worth it.”

Steidle and family

Willow and Stone is currently working on a new line of accessories to be released shortly. “I am so excited for them! I am practicing on them very soon, but I don’t want to spill the beans yet.” Join the shop’s Facebook group here and browse through the albums of prior Willow and Stone custom designs to inspire your next purchase.