Katdi Totes, or KT Totes for short, has become known for its personalized handbags for littles with big “pursonalities.” Shop owner and head designer Alix McGuffin-Litel hand paints and fabricates each of the leather works of art. “Because the root of my shop is art and creativity, I try to bring a high level of personalization with every item,” explained McGuffin-Litel. “People come to me with ideas and dream purses and I love being able to bring the ideas and designs to life and create something so unique. The shop stands out in ways that I think inspire people and they help inspire me.”

Katdi Totes

It was her daughters that initially inspired McGuffin-Litel to open up shop in April 2018 and she selected the name Katdi Totes in their honor. “Katdi Totes (pronounced ‘cat-dee’) is a combination of my two girls’ names, Katalisa and Adileigh. It is very sentimental to me,” she said. “It was also important to be to not have the same name as another shop, so the more unique the better.” The small shop began as creative outlet for the talented artist. “Since childhood, I have used art to express what I see in my mind. I have painted ever since I can remember and the purses are just my newest canvas and most successful artwork that I am able to paint and create, fabricate and customize,” recalled McGuffin-Litel. “It started off as personalized little totes for my two daughters and grew with a lot of paint and even more love from the customers.”

Katdi Totes

Even as Katdi Totes expanded, McGuffin-Litel has not lost her love for the artistry. “When I first started, I would just paint and create and put the items in my shop. It was almost like a gallery for my work. Today, I try and create things for my customers that they want. This guides me with certain themes and holidays and gives me a base for my creation.” The most popular Katdi Totes accessory is the Brown with Cream Lacey Tote, a toddler-sized leather crossbody style with lace tassels. “The majority of my customers are from the south and they love their antique lace and brown leather,” McGuffin-Litel laughed. Her personal preference is the Noir with White Lacey Tote. “It is just so pretty! It is a beautiful statement piece and I love that classic black with the white lace, throw on a pearl strap. Just totally classic.” McGuffin-Litel still draws inspiration from her daughters, as well as feedback from small shoppers. “I used to come up with a design for the tote based on my daughters’ outfits and what I imagined to match them,” she shared. “Over time, I started creating more and exploring as an artist. Many of my customers come to me with a picture in their mind and we work together to make that vision come to life. It is really rewarding to see children playing and loving something that was made specially for them.”

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