“We’re fluent in six languages: profanity, song lyrics, movie quotes, sarcasm, sexual innuendos, and Spanglish” – Unknown

I am a South Florida native and Spanglish is our mother lengua. In fact, it is more common to hear a mix of Spanish dialects than English while out and about. It is part of the charm down here.

Ana Reyes is a fluent Spanglish speaker. In September 2016, she launched the Texas-based Spanglish Threadz, featuring designs in the English-Spanish fused language. “It took me about a summer to plan it before we launched. I did my research and once I had it all down, I was ready to give this a try,” Reyes recalled. “The shop name refers to our Latinx culture. Spanglish Threadz seemed like the perfect name for us because this is how our kids talk at home and how we grew up speaking as well. A mixture of English and Spanish, hence the name ‘Spanglish.’”

Spanglish Threadz

Spanglish Threadz specializes in bilingual t-shirts, tank tops, hats and related accessories (like pins and stickers) in both adult and kiddo sizes. “We started off selling only toddler t-shirts and now we offer up to adult size. It is crazy to think that just three years ago, I was planning out everything to launch Spanglish Threadz,” Reyes exclaimed. “I would have to say my favorite design is the first one that I created, which is also the most popular one. It is our ‘I Love Sopita’ design.” I also like the “Best Friends Para Siempre” and “I Eat Frijoles & Arroz Bro” t-shirts, plus the super cute “Elote” corn designs.

The Reyes family

The Reyes family handles everything internally from soup to nueces. “We do 100% of the work ourselves, from the first step of coming up with a design to sewing labels, and then screen-printing, shipping and all the other fun stuff associated with owning a small business,” she shared. “My favorite part is creating the super unique designs. I find design inspiration from my kids and our Latinx culture. All the things we grew up with and are surrounded by encourage me.” And, as the shop grows, Reyes is so “thankful by the constant support and love we receive everyday.”

Spanglish Threadz

Spanglish Threadz recently released breastfeeding-themed tops and bodysuits for the mamas and bebes this summer. Check out all the current designs on the shop’s website here and follow Spanglish Threadz on Instagram or join the Comadreando With Spanglish Threadz Facebook group for sneak peaks.