Clinical researchers and art therapists have touted the calming benefits of artistic design for adults for over a decade. Creating art allows us to explore our feelings, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and achieve mindfulness. “I have always loved art and lettering and stickers, and I have found that it is a very therapeutic thing to do that helps with my anxiety and depression,” explained Jess Pollard of Lettered by 28th Ave.

Lettered by 28th Ave.

Lettered by 28th Ave. creates unique stickers and labels for small shops and shoppers. “I had just closed down my kids clothing shop and I launched this business about two months after closing,” Pollard recalled. “The shop name does not really have a true symbolic meaning at all. I was born on the 28th and it is my favorite number. I thought it would be cool to make it after my favorite number.” Since opening this year, Lettered by 28th Ave. has designed hundreds of different decals. “My absolute favorite sticker design at the moment (because it changes a lot) is my floral ‘Thank You for Shopping Small’ sticker,” she exclaimed. “The colors are all so beautiful and all of the floral elements were arranged by hand. It is definitely one that took awhile to create.”

Jess Pollard

The small shop allows Pollard to flex her creative muscle (“I love having total creative freedom”). Virtually all of the sticker designs incorporate her original designs. “I do not typically use preexisting clip art or fonts in my designs, and when or if I do, it is very minimal,” said Pollard. “All of my designs are hand lettered and hand drawn by me. So, it is more than just finding a pretty clip art file and typing up words to make a sticker. Each design takes me hours, if not days, to create because of the true hand lettered and drawn nature.” She finds design inspiration all over. “Any and everything can spark that creativity.” For small shops, Pollard prints custom hangtags and sheets of “Thank You” packaging stickers (I love the “Thanks a Melon” watermelon labels). Plus, she is currently working on releasing monthly sticker boxes for small shoppers. The first boxes will include different sticker sheets and additional items from other small shops, all centered on a “self care” theme (naturally). “I have only been open for a few months and I have already grown so much. I have the best clients ever. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.”

What else can we expect from Lettered by 28th Ave. this month? “More machines for printing and lots of new designs for stickers. Every month, I will be adding new products, so I am super excited about that!” Take a look at all the current designs (or request your own custom sticker sheets) in the Lettered by 28th Ave. VIP Facebook group or in Pollard’s Etsy shop here.